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Ad Network vs Ad Exchange

November 04, 2017 Self Advertiser ADVERTISERS

In a digital world where online advertising is the fuel that keeps publishers, networks, search engines, advertisers, and everyone else up and running,...

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All You Need to Know about Real-Time Bidding

November 01, 2017 Self Advertiser online advertising

If there is one thing that has changed the landscape of modern advertising, it’s real-time bidding (RTB). It’s a concept that’s been in use for some...

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The Ultimate Guide to DIY Media Buying

October 30, 2017 Self Advertiser Targeting

As the digitalization of marketing trends continues to increase, it seems everyone is out to buy their own piece of media exposure in the form of...

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Do You Need a Data Management Platform?

October 28, 2017 Self Advertiser Data, Sales, Tips

With more data on the world wide web now than ever before, a lot of your digital marketing efforts ride on how well you utilize that information. While...

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What's an Ad Exchange

October 27, 2017 Self Advertiser ADVERTISERS

In a constantly growing online advertising ecosystem, it seems everyone is buying more and more media through ad exchanges. Marketers, advertisers,...

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How to Optimize Campaigns to Reach Your Marketing Objectives

October 25, 2017 Self Advertiser optimization, Targeting

Running a digital media campaign is similar to cultivating a plant. You can keep it in relative darkness, in a shallow jar, and water it infrequently–...

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Why SelfAdvertiser's Own Direct Traffic is the Missing Link in Your Media Puzzle

October 24, 2017 Self Advertiser Targeting, traffic

Having direct traffic is like having a cotton candy at a fair - you sometimes desperately want it yet can easily do without it once you taste it. In a...

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Agency vs. Inhouse Advertising - What You Need to Consider

October 23, 2017 Self Advertiser ADVERTISERS, inhouse advertising

Should you do your advertising internally or through an agency? It’s an important decision that requires careful deliberation. After all, you’ll be...

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How SelfAdvertiser Can Help You Scale

October 20, 2017 Self Advertiser Targeting, traffic

eAmong the greater obstacles marketing personalities face in their business ventures is how to scale their operation, without compromising their...

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How SelfAdvertiser Can Help Customers Maximize ROI

October 19, 2017 Self Advertiser ROI

Settling merely on a positive return isn’t enough. You want to maximize your ROI and harness all the potential you can from your marketing strategy....

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