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How to Identify and Eliminate Bot Traffic in Your Account

January 10, 2018 Self Advertiser traffic

If it seems that the Internet is mostly populated with bots, it’s because it is. A report by ANA and White Ops shows ad-fraud sites make up...

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How to Stop Traffic Bots from Ruining Your Analytics Data

January 05, 2018 Self Advertiser traffic

It can be an exciting time when you put in work and start seeing traffic spiking in your account. It’s time to celebrate, people are clicking and...

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What You Need to Know about Mobile Ad Fraud

January 01, 2018 Self Advertiser Mobile

Here is a quick and accurate description of mobile ad fraud: happens fast and looks ugly. Unfortunately, it’s here to stay. With the ever-increasing...

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All You Need To Know About SelfAdvertiser's Reporting Dashboard

December 30, 2017 Self Advertiser optimization

A dashboard is a centerpiece of any online platform. Just like your car’s dashboard, it allows you to monitor the vital functions of your campaigns and...

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5 Things You Don't Want To Hear About Affiliate Ad Fraud

December 20, 2017 Self Advertiser Affiliate Networks

Affiliate marketing, as an easily accessible practice that promises financial stability and professional freedom for everyone involved, has seen...

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10 Ways to Prevent Click Fraud in Your Affiliate Campaign

December 17, 2017 Self Advertiser affiliate marketing tips

With the rise of Internet-born opportunities came along an ever-persistent threat of illegal and malicious activity. The power of affiliate marketing...

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We Take You Seriously, Here's the Proof

December 15, 2017 Self Advertiser Analytics, Affiliate Networks

In online advertising, trust is a tough thing to come by these days. There’s the ever-present issue of ad fraud that crushes the remaining bits of...

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Why SelfAdvertiser is a Self-Serve Platform You Should Give a Try

December 12, 2017 Self Advertiser ADVERTISERS, Feature

With the constant shifts in the advertising space, the move to self-service is a logical and beneficial move for both parties involved. The platforms...

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Top Affiliate Programs - Constantly Updated List

December 08, 2017 Self Advertiser Affiliate Networks

The very best in the affiliate industry generate a substantial part of their income by using top affiliate programs that are paying hefty sums. These...

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7 Myths Uncovered About Guaranteeing ROI

December 01, 2017 Self Advertiser ROI

Irrelevant of any channel or medium, advertising is an investment that involves a certain risk. Any time you risk your money, a loss is very much an...

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