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6 Creative Ways To Approach Your Ad CTA

February 28, 2018 Victoria Greene online advertising, CTA

What really drives home the point of a great ad? Snappy visuals, a great layout, and of course, a fantastic product or service are all winning...

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Why Zero-Click Campaigns Are More Tempting than a Cinnabon

February 14, 2018 Self Advertiser Team online advertising

If someone asks what the best traffic source for affiliate marketing is, what pops first to your mind? Is it the free type, like social media, SEO,...

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Programmatic Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

November 25, 2017 Self Advertiser online advertising

It seems as if the future of online advertising, programmatic advertising (PA) refers to the utilization of software to power digital ad campaigns through...

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All You Need to Know about Real-Time Bidding

November 01, 2017 Self Advertiser online advertising

If there is one thing that has changed the landscape of modern advertising, it’s real-time bidding (RTB). It’s a concept that’s been in use for some...

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