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Marketing Industry Trends: The Ultimate Resources List

October 01, 2017 Self Advertiser Affiliate Networks, affiliate marketing

We were eager to kick this post off with a smarty-pants Socrates or Hesse quote about how knowledge and information is power. We wanted to tell you how...

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How to Maximize Online Profit like a Boss

August 18, 2017 Self Advertiser affiliate marketing

If you ever created a single media campaign you know how important they are for your bottom line. But you also know how challenging it is to get them...

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CPA Affiliate Pro Tips and Tricks

August 17, 2017 Self Advertiser affiliate marketing tips, affiliate marketing

As with any gold rush, the more people get in on the action, the harder it becomes to reap the benefits. Due to the fact that CPA marketing is quite...

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How to Calculate Acquisition Costs

August 09, 2017 Self Advertiser affiliate marketing

Cost per acquisition (CPA) also known as cost per sale represents probably one of the most important metrics that you can track when running an online...

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How To Find The Best CPA Offers

August 01, 2017 Self Advertiser affiliate marketing

Looking for the best CPA offers can be quite a daunting endeavor. It's a very broad task, resting heavily on questions like the type of traffic, or the...

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The Affiliate Marketing forum list of your dreams

July 24, 2017 Self Advertiser affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing tips

The amount of things a mega affiliate needs to keep track of to strive in the digital battlefield is dizzying. From Google’s constant limitations and...

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Make Even More Money with Mobile Pop Ads

June 13, 2017 Self Advertiser Team affiliate marketing

As a search engine, Google has become so important that affiliates and marketers everywhere are dancing to its beat. When Google changes its search...

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Pop ads by the numbers

June 12, 2017 Self Advertiser Team affiliate marketing


Pop ads are not finished! Whether you think that pop ads are annoying or not and thus probably dead due to a rising number of adblock users, the...

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8 facts about the top affiliate programs that will impress your peers

June 07, 2017 Self Advertiser Team affiliate marketing

Impressing your fellow affiliates is an achievement reserved only for the mightiest among the mighty. Mega affiliates know a lot – they’re subscribed...

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How to scale your advertising budget

June 05, 2017 Self Advertiser Team affiliate marketing

Have you ever heard of the Dubai principle? Of course you haven't because we just made it up. According to our (just made up) principle, you can make a...

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