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Campaign Optimization Done Right

May 01, 2018 Self Advertiser ADVERTISERS, optimization

Running an online advertising campaign without optimization is a bit like looking for your car keys in the middle of the desert, blindfolded. Your...

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Why SelfAdvertiser is a Self-Serve Platform You Should Give a Try

December 12, 2017 Self Advertiser ADVERTISERS, Feature

With the constant shifts in the advertising space, the move to self-service is a logical and beneficial move for both parties involved. The platforms...

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Why You Should Still Make Your Ads Pop

November 23, 2017 Self Advertiser ADVERTISERS

At the first mention of pop ads, there is generally a less than enthusiastic reaction. They are almost like a summer blockbuster movie that failed to...

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5 BS Facts about Scaling Your Budget that Everyone Thinks are True

November 11, 2017 Self Advertiser ADVERTISERS
Scaling your budget is like building a house of cards: you do it slowly and gradually. It’s not easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. What’s worse is...
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Dealing with Google Regulations in 9 Easy Steps

November 08, 2017 Self Advertiser ADVERTISERS

For any advertiser that wants to maximize the benefits of advertising, basing their decisions on the right information is critical. So much so when...

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DSP vs SSP: Let's Nail This Down Once and for All

November 07, 2017 Self Advertiser ADVERTISERS

What is a DSP? What is an SSP? How do they fit together? How do they differ? These are all questions that intrigue plenty of marketers but most are...

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Ad Network vs Ad Exchange

November 04, 2017 Self Advertiser ADVERTISERS

In a digital world where online advertising is the fuel that keeps publishers, networks, search engines, advertisers, and everyone else up and running,...

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What's an Ad Exchange

October 27, 2017 Self Advertiser ADVERTISERS

In a constantly growing online advertising ecosystem, it seems everyone is buying more and more media through ad exchanges. Marketers, advertisers,...

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Agency vs. Inhouse Advertising - What You Need to Consider

October 23, 2017 Self Advertiser ADVERTISERS, inhouse advertising

Should you do your advertising internally or through an agency? It’s an important decision that requires careful deliberation. After all, you’ll be...

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Why adtech innovations are the holy grail of modern advertising

August 16, 2017 Self Advertiser ADVERTISERS, Data

In the word of the great Gary Vee, marketers looking to sell stuff will always need to be where the majority of their target audience’s attention is...

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