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Want To Create Killer Landing Pages? These Tools Will Do It For You

September 25, 2016 blogAdmin Uncategorized

Your landing page is the backbone of your campaign. It has to make an immediate impression on your viewers, grab their attention and present them with...

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Your Affiliate Campaign Doesn’t Convert? Here’s What You Need To Know To Change It

September 06, 2016 blogAdmin ADVERTISERS

 The million dollar question many marketers ask is, why isn’t my campaign converting well?

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On a Shoestring Budget? A 5-Step Guide to Video Marketing Strategy

August 09, 2016 blogAdmin ADVERTISERS

With 2.08 billion global smartphone users in 2016 – and that number expected to climb even higher in 2017 – today’s road to marketing success involves...

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7 Tips for “Killer” Conversion and eCommerce Optimization

July 24, 2016 blogAdmin ADVERTISERS

When you’re talking about eCommerce optimization, small changes can make a big difference - so it’s worth making the investment. If you’re interested...

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It’s All about Return on Experience

July 10, 2016 blogAdmin ADVERTISERS

It seems that it all boils down to a question of loyalty.

A loyal customer base is what creates a brand and makes a business. Whether we’re talking...

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Advertising Effectiveness and Mobile Technologies: Moving Beyond CTR

June 27, 2016 blogAdmin ADVERTISERS, Mobile

New challenges faced by mobile advertising include the recent growth in mobile ad blocking, the complexity involved in reaching consumers who are using...

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The Mobile Engima: Develop a Mobile App, or Create a Mobile Website?

June 13, 2016 blogAdmin ADVERTISERS

One of the first decisions to make when developing a mobile presence is whether to develop a mobile app, or to create a mobile website, or both.

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Obtain Quality Traffic

June 02, 2016 blogAdmin ADVERTISERS

Tech.Cloud portal recommends: "SelfAdvertiser.com platform is a robust platform, one of the best of its kind in the industry. It's one of the most...

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10 Steps to Generating Winning Self-Serve Ad Campaigns

May 26, 2016 blogAdmin ADVERTISERS

Self-serve marketing campaigns give you greater financial control, allow you to analyze your own data, and give you the opportunity to make decisions...

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The Measure of Success: Moving from Clicks to Attention-Based Metric

May 15, 2016 blogAdmin ADVERTISERS

Given Google’s overwhelming success and extensive global adoption, it can be hard to imagine that there’s something Google really gets wrong. But it’s...

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