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How to Identify and Eliminate Bot Traffic in Your Account

January 10, 2018 Self Advertiser traffic

If it seems that the Internet is mostly populated with bots, it’s because it is. A report by ANA and White Ops shows ad-fraud sites make up...

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How to Stop Traffic Bots from Ruining Your Analytics Data

January 05, 2018 Self Advertiser traffic

It can be an exciting time when you put in work and start seeing traffic spiking in your account. It’s time to celebrate, people are clicking and...

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The Insider's Guide to Finding the Best Traffic Sources

November 20, 2017 Self Advertiser traffic

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - the “one-traffic-source-fits-all” mantra doesn’t necessarily work. Traffic is more like a commodity where...

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If You Read One Article About Quality Conversions, Read This One

November 15, 2017 Self Advertiser traffic

Conversions are the grappling hook of every Batman-like marketer who is alone against the elements. They are the focal point of any online marketing...

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Why SelfAdvertiser's Own Direct Traffic is the Missing Link in Your Media Puzzle

October 24, 2017 Self Advertiser Targeting, traffic

Having direct traffic is like having a cotton candy at a fair - you sometimes desperately want it yet can easily do without it once you taste it. In a...

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How SelfAdvertiser Can Help You Scale

October 20, 2017 Self Advertiser Targeting, traffic

Among the greater obstacles marketing personalities face in their business ventures is how to scale their operation, without compromising their budget....

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How SelfAdvertiser Can Help You Diversify Your Portfolio

October 18, 2017 Self Advertiser traffic

Diversification is a technique that a constructs a portfolio through different kinds of investments. The general idea is that these investments will...

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The Secret to Scaling Using Diverse Types of Paid Traffic

October 17, 2017 Self Advertiser traffic

For aspiring managers and media buyers, spending money on paid traffic is probably the best choice they can make in the search for targeted traffic....

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Pitfalls to Avoid when Shopping for Quality Traffic

September 19, 2017 Self Advertiser Team traffic

You'd think that in today's online world, where there are so many ways to generate and buy traffic, and where literally everything is being tracked, it...

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The 10 Biggest Customer Acquisition Blunders

August 08, 2017 Self Advertiser ROI, traffic

When it comes to acquiring new users, ad networks and / or large audiences, publishers are constantly on the hunt and on the prowl. It can be difficult...

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