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How to Deal with Pop ad Blockers

authorIcon June 5, 2017

pop ad blockers

If you noticed your site’s revenue going down, despite the fact that the traffic to your blog or website is increasing, it’s probably due to ad blocking software or a browser extension with a similar function.

This pesky extension, which is also, as of recently, part of Apple’s iOS9 mobile operating system, basically waterboards you and your income until you give in and stop using it altogether.

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Advertising online has become a booming business. According to Statista, expenses on digital advertising will climb to $82 billion in the US in this year alone. It is also estimated that this trend will increase by $10-12 billion each year. Such a large field has attracted various dabblers and professionals alike who sought to increase revenue through digital ads. In turn, this has frustrated the average internet user so much so that ad blocking software soon became a thing. Until recently, it was featured on desktop computers only, but now it’s also moving into the mobile space.

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Image Credit: Statista

Apple has introduced an ad blocking software into their iOS9, thereby putting a fist to the faces of Google and Facebook, which base a large part of their earnings on ads. Also, this has spawned a situation where adblock literally blackmails advertisers to adjust their content so that their ads can be whitelisted. Of course, some charge for this service also.

Reports by eMarketer show the gravity of the situation with ad blocking software, where over 25 percent of the internet users use some variant of ad blocking software. This complicated situation leads to numerous issues, the biggest of which are aimed at affiliate marketers.

What can you do about this unfair lot? A great deal! Below are some of the steps you can undertake to bypass adblock software, offer great user experience and still earn an income.

Native advertising

A fairly new term that has caught on. In a nutshell, it implies not interrupting users and still communicating a message to them. It delivers its message in such a way that it corresponds to the users’ usual activity. In practice, businesses will rent out space on a third party site and publish their content there. The content needs to be tailored to the style the rented site uses. It is quite similar to content marketing, since the articles or adverts target a specific audience, they’re informative and transparent. The difference is that the article has to highlight that it is being paid for by another company. Yet it is distinct enough from content marketing to not create confusion.

Advantages of such an approach include non-intrusiveness and probable interest by the user. By transparently stating that the content is being sponsored, users can decide whether they want to be a part of it or not. Additionally, it builds trust and connection with users.

Targeted ads

Internet tracking technology has enabled marketers to gather tons of data on consumer behavior online. A great deal of the things users do online is not private (unless they are using various methods to hide their online activity, which is usually something only more technical savvy users do). This enables marketers to place ads targeted at a specific population in places that they frequent. Of course, these ads are sensitive to the needs and desires of the buyers and thus could decrease ill will towards internet ads, which are usually deemed disruptive.

Additionally, conversion rates will rise and users will more often find what they’re looking for or what they’re interested in. In the end, this can spur some users to ditch ad blocking altogether.

Email marketing

Though many believe that advertising via email is an ancient dinosaur which will only be a footnote in history, the metrics across the board show otherwise. Namely, with a 122% ROI, an email strategy cannot be negligible in your attempts to motivate users to pay attention to your content and solutions to their problems.

Another neat feature when it comes to email is tied to advancement in technology. Namely, with smartphones being pervasive and email apps being a set of standard apps installed across operating systems on phones, the potential to reach customers via email is greater than ever. Apps usually have a notification system in place, which keeps the users on their toes. Sometimes all it takes is to go back to the old proven ways in an ever-changing media terrain to gain additional foothold.

Content marketing

Consumer behavior can be augmented by relevant, frequent and valuable content, which will target specific audiences. If they consistently create valuable information, affiliates can position their blogs or websites as the relevant factor for any specific topic.

For affiliates and businesses alike, the advantages of such an approach include creating a tightly knit relationship with customers and positioning themselves as the authority figure on any chosen topic.

If products are recommended by someone with experience and a lot to say about a certain topic or niche, this can drive sales by a significant margin.

Affiliates should be careful not to be perceived as salesy or pushy, and the best way to achieve that is to focus on the long run. Content marketing is a strategy that brings little in the short term, but in the long term – it pays with dividends.

Influencer marketing

Influencers are a type of online celebrity that have a following of likeminded individuals. It doesn’t have to be a ‘real’ celebrity – having a large following is enough to be considered an influencer. These influencers usually give out content, which is then shared and accumulates a lot of buzz around it. It’s basically seen as celebrity endorsement, and smart marketers have found a way to utilize them to push products or services to their target audience.

This type of marketing is not targeted by ad blocking software, since the ads are incorporated into the content itself in an unprocessed way. Large numbers of influencers feature a product that they use in their videos or blog posts. Of course, this adds to the relevance of the content, since the promoted product or service was something that the follower of the influencer has actively sought or researched about.

In the end

Though adblock is gaining popularity, not everyone is using it. However, if you want to get the most out of your marketing strategy, it would be best to utilize the tested and proven methods with new trending marketing techniques. Newer techniques are usually immune to ad-block’s recognition pattern by employing more natural ways to weave ads into the content, to target more specifically and to delight the users. 


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