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How to Make the Most of CPM Networks 

March 14, 2018 Self Advertiser traffic

For bloggers and website owners, making the most out of CPM networks is relatively easy. They have their online property which they can monetize in...

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Conversion Tracking With SelfAdvertiser

March 12, 2018 Self Advertiser conversion

Every affiliate should know conversion tracking is paramount to the overall success of their campaign(s). Without tangible measurement of campaign...

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Domain Redirect Tips And Tricks

March 06, 2018 Self Advertiser Domain Redirect

How well do you know Domain redirect traffic?

  • Mediocre?
  • Never heard of it?
  • “You mean domain parking, right?”

Domain Redirect traffic is a type of...

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3 Reasons You Should Be Talking About Domain Redirect

March 01, 2018 Self Advertiser Domain Redirect

Increasing the amount of traffic to your affiliate offer and, in turn, ROI is possible through a variety of methods. One of those, and a highly...

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Is A Click Bot Depleting Your Budget

March 01, 2018 Self Advertiser traffic

As each hero has its villain so do you as an affiliate. In the ever-going affiliate effort to make a buck, a click bot is your Kryptonite. In...

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Why Your Traffic Generation Never Works out the Way You Plan

February 22, 2018 Self Advertiser traffic

Working out traffic is that one defining point in an affiliate’s career. You either do it right and enjoy long-term positive ROI or struggle with...

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You're Losing Money By Not Using Domain Redirect Campaigns

February 20, 2018 Self Advertiser Domain Redirect

As an affiliate, what’s your biggest fear? Are you more like regular folk and scared of snakes, spiders and all sorts of creepy-crawlies? Perhaps...

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How To Find the Best Click Fraud Detection Software

January 25, 2018 Self Advertiser traffic

It’s an all too familiar image: affiliates running PPC campaigns find something is not quite right with their performance data, showing unexpected...

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The Dark Side Of The Traffic Moon: Click Farms

January 22, 2018 Self Advertiser traffic

You’ve heard the term, you’ve seen it mentioned quite a few times online but never really got past the name? You know it’s bad but not up to which...

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Best Way to Report Google Fraud to Google

January 15, 2018 Self Advertiser traffic

How can you describe online advertising fraud other than a serious problem? A huge pain in the behind? Whatever you say, it’s probably not enough....

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